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Active Listening

Sound a bit strange?

In a nutshell, this service is coaching but done my way.

It is an extremely useful service that allows you to gain clarity.

I become your soundboard as you work through

your ideas, your intentions, your action plans and anything

else that needs thinking through.

I’m here to listen, to ask questions, to summarise and replay your

thoughts back to you.

You can work on your next steps and I’ll then hold you


Social Media

Do you want that personal touch?

You have your tweets at the ready  to post

but no time to fully engage, no problem, let me

take your message and get social for you.

You have posted on Facebook and comments are

coming in left, right and centre but how can you

reply to everyone while still creating more juicy

content? Time to call in the backup team – Me!

You’ve heard that Instagram is fabulous for

getting your message out into the world but you

haven’t got the time to create awesome and impactful

images on canva, ahem, well, I know someone you can

call (and it’s not Ghostbusters!).


This service offers you a deep edit.

I edit four areas of your writing:

-the content edit

-the structure edit

-the style edit

-the presentation edit

Leaving your writing polished and elegant.


That final check to make perfect!

It involves checking for:

-grammatical errors

-punctuation errors

-spelling mistakes

Let me be your second pair of eyes

and help you avoid unwanted errors.

Admin Support

Need help with your administrative tasks?

From data entry to ordering supplies,

making calls to typing, I am here to work on

the day-to-day nitty gritty bits of your business

so that you can focus on your zone of genius.